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Ginger Fitzgerald

“Kill the boy, or one sister kills the other,”

Character Profile

Character Name: Ginger Fitzgerald

Taken from: Ginger Snaps 3:Back to the Beginning

Age: 18

Occupation: Leader of a pack of Canadian werewolves in northern Alberta. Schemer. Spy. Murderer.

Physical Description: Long auburn hair, gets whiter/white stripes as she wolfs-out. Hazel-green eyes. Slender build, but strong. She wears a black dress and a cowled velvet cape. There are healed claw marks running along her right shoulder and upper chest area.

Personality: Ginger's mind didn't take the change as well as Brigitte, the wolf's personality dominating, therefore humans are seen as food more often than not. Ginger is a curious girl, keeping an eye out for any advantage she can claim or information she can use. She feels betrayed by her sister, guilt for throwing her out of the pack, and such exteme love as Brigitte was the only person she could ever trust.

Skills/Abilities: As a werewolf Ginger is strong physically. She'll stab someone in the back and worry about the guilt later. Her wounds heal faster than a humans but that refers mostly to external stuff. Becoming a werewolf gives Ginger an extremley high internal temperature, making it easy to live in the wilderness. Ginger gives in to the urges of a werewolf, so there is no moment of hesitation for her.

Flaws: She finds the werewolf instincts (eat, procreate, kill, run, sleep) hard to ignore and easy to give in to. Ginger has a big "If your not with me, your against me" attitude, and because of this she goes from the furthest extremes of loving and hating her sister Brigitte. As was seen in the movie, there are lots of ways to kill a werewolf.

Brief History:Ginger and her younger sister Brigitte grew up in Manitoba where their father worked with the Hudson's Bay Company and they had only each other for companionship.

At 17 Ginger was expected to marry French fur trader Jean-Louis Filleuil who was quickly making a name for himself with the Company, while Brigitte was going to marry a businessman who was moving to British Columbia. Finding no compassion from their mother Lillian, the sisters could not bear to be separated and sought to escape. During the night they planned to leave Ginger returned to the house by herself, under the guise of wanting to steal some money. In reality she was returning to make sure no one would ever follow after them. Silently lighting a fire in their parnets room, she locked the door and spread fire throughout the house before going back to Brigitte with a story about the fire being an accident.

They wandered in the woods, quite lost, until being brought to Fort Bailey, a place filled with cabin fever and too many guns. There were many fears about wolves attacking the Fort but ironically the fight came from inside. Ginger was attacked by a wolf-boy and contracted the disease of werewolfism. After bringing the other wolves inside the Fort, the occupants were slaughtered and Brigitte chose to infect herself with the disease as well.

The sisters then helped each other to transform from wolf to girl every month and were able to help the other werewolves to do the same, though they remained more connected to their wolf forms. Other humans came to the Fort looking for it's previous occupants, and while Brigitte wished only for their safety Ginger didn't trust them and ordered them killed. Ginger also wanted to bring the werewolves into the cities, believing it was their right as the dominant species. It was her disagrement on these two issues which caused Ginger to banish Brigitte from the pack.

The pack remain at Fort Bailey with Ginger as their leader though she travels around the country, looking for human prey and outside information, as well as any knowledge about her sister whom she hates and loves so much.

"The true lycanthrope is not only physically changed so that he comes to resemble the beast of his dementia but his mind becomes changed so that he thinks and acts like a beast." Basil Copper

Quotes from Ginger Snaps 3

Brigitte: [lying in Ginger's lap] Ginger, I'm cold.
Ginger: I'm not.
Ginger: [after Hunter whistles at them] Did he just whistle at us?
Brigitte: I'm sure he meant the dog.
Ginger: The air is bloody...
Ginger: Come closer... it's a secret.

Created for rpg purposes only. I don't own Ginger Snaps 3 or Katherine Isabelle